All You Need To Know About The Benefits Of Using A Biomass Boiler

Being ‘green’ is one of the most important aspects of contemporary society. This is not due to a trend, but rather due to the fact that natural resources are being used at an outstanding rate and humans need to make an effort to preserve these essential effects. The growth in this environmentally friendly movement has led to the creation of various eco-friendly items, including the biomass boiler. While the boiler does, as with many products, have some disadvantages it is highly beneficial. This article will provide some information on the two most beneficial features of this piece of equipment. With thanks to the Kent’s Biomass Boiler Installer company Biomass Boilers Company, we have created this ultimate guide to the benefits of using a biomass boiler.


The Cost-Effective Benefit

General heating of a property, commercial or residential, can be highly expensive and lead to a significantly costly annual expense; this is typically seen among individuals or companies that have a need for high levels of heating. By utilizing a biomass boiler, it is possible to save a large sum of funds by generating heat with logs, wood pellets or wood chips instead of oil, gas or electricity. Furthermore, utilizing the wooden resources, you will decrease the need for fossil fuels and increase eco-friendliness of the company (in addition to cost-effectiveness).

The Environmental Benefit

1. Low Carbon Emissions

Wooden fuel is known as a ‘low carbon emission’ fuel as it produces a small fraction of the emissions produced by fossil fuels. This amount of emissions produced is the primary different between fossil and wooden fuel products. A fossil fuel is more damaging and dangerous as it converts stable carbon into carbon dioxide which is then released into the atmosphere; however, the fossil fuel converts the carbon burned into contemporary carbon which can promote the growth of nurturing foliage. This is done by changing the contemporary carbon into replacement growth fuel.

2. Locally Sourced

Unlike oil, gas or electricity, wooden fuel can be locally sourced. This is highly beneficial in that it increases the availability of the fuel; as well as reduction in the overall cost. Local sourcing can also secure customers against something known as ‘fuel shocks’. A fuel shock is caused by the growing worldwide demand for fuel accompanied by global political instability. The local sourcing ensures that one will not be required to interact with other countries and can avoid any fuel shocks that may occur. Furthermore, it contributes to cost-effectiveness by reducing travel and labor costs.

3. Sustainable Land

As is mentioned above, the wooden low carbon fuels are obtained via local woodlands. In addition to being local, the source is beneficial as it is procured from sustainable woodlands. Due to the growing need for wooden products, it is seen that there is a growth in effective land management; thus, land sustainability (a great benefit). In previous years, a large amount of wood fuel would have been neglected and left to rot, which would have imitated fossil fuels and led to a release of atmospheric carbon dioxide with methane gases. This would have been detrimental to the environment as methane is a harmful gas that can be toxic to both animals and plants.

4. Reduced Pollutants

A financial environmental benefit of the biomass boiler is its efficiency and effectiveness. This piece of eco-friendly equipment presents with a very high level of efficiency and typically produces emission levels comparable to the highest quality fossil fuel boilers. As is aforementioned, positive emission levels require low carbon emission and the biomass boiler can produce this with wooden fuel or dry fuel. The dry fuel is beneficial as it is effective in minimizing pollutants within the atmosphere.

Biomass Energy Potential

Final Words On The Matter

Environmental friendliness is an issue that all of us need to take into account. By not considering this factor we face the chance of destroying our environment even further and eliminating all natural resources. By using biomass boilers, it is possible to continue to heat our properties to the required amount while still maintaining natural resource levels. The information above provides information regarding this piece of equipment and its benefits allowing you to determine whether or not the boiler is suited to your particular situation. This helps you make an informed decision when entering the popular (and essential) green movement.