Tips For Choosing Double Glazing Installers In Maidstone

Maidstone MapIf you’re looking for some useful tips and advice that will help you when it comes to choosing a double glazing installer in Maidstone, then this guide is going to shed some light on the subject and give you a few pointers that will ensure you pick a reputable, trustworthy company that won’t let you down. With this in mind, let’s get straight to it.

Tip 1 – Check the warranty

In most cases, any quality double glazing company will ensure the products they give you will come with a generous warranty, and an all-inclusive 10-year manufacturer’s warranty is usually standard practice, by and large.

Furthermore, most firms will also provide some type of guarantee that will ensure you are covered in case anything goes wrong with the products you’ve paid for. As you’d expect, it makes sense to pick a company who is happy to offer these guarantees.

Tip 2 – Check the reputation

The reputation of your chosen double glazing company will also be an important consideration whenever you’re shopping around the Maidstone area and looking for the right company. An easy way to find a solid, reliable company is to simply ask your friends and family if they have any recommendations for you.

Often, the best double glazing companies can survive exclusively on word-of-mouth, and their reputation shows you that they are a company who are worth dealing with.

Tip 3 – Research the company online

Another excellent way to learn more about any particular double glazing company that you’re thinking about hiring is to research what people say about them online, particularly when it comes to unbiased comments on social media websites such as Facebook.

This can be a very useful way to find more information about the company, and you’ll also be able to notice any red flags that may steer you away from hiring any particular company who isn’t a good fit for you.

Tip 4 – Check their experience

It’s safe to say that hiring a company that has an extensive track record and experience in the industry will go a long way towards giving you the peace of mind required to part with your hard-earned cash.

In general, a company that has many years of experience in the double glazing trade will have plenty of knowledge and expertise in the field, so they are less likely to have any issues when it comes to completing your project quickly and reliably.

Tip 5 – Check they are registered with FENSA

Another worthwhile tip to keep in mind is the benefits of checking whether your chosen double glazing company is registered with FENSA, who are one of the most prominent organisations who verify that double glazing has been installed competently and professionally.

Additionally, if your chosen company has a good reputation with any other local authorities, then this can be a reassuring sign to know that you’re picking the right company.


In summary, choosing the right double glazing installers in Maidstone isn’t necessarily an easy task, but if you bear these tips in mind, you won’t have any troubles at all.