Signs Your HVAC Ducts May Need Cleaning And The Best Dust Extraction Service To Use

There are plenty of home and business owners that ignore cleaning their air ducts because it’s out of sight, and out of mind. However, there are some pretty good reasons why everyone should have regular duct cleaning. People with allergies, or children they hope won’t come down with allergies would be a concern, but there are lots of good reasons, let’s examine some of them and how to choose the right company to do the dust extraction service. So if you’re looking for dust extraction in Kent or dust extraction in Essex, then this guide is for you.

Some Signs That Your Furnace Air Ducts May Be Dirty

If you’ve noticed signs of visible mold growing in your ductwork, that would be a good indication that they should be cleaned. The mold will be resting on some nutrients, like dirt or dust, then extracting moisture from the air to survive. There are some extremely toxic molds, mostly black molds, that you really don’t want in your home, but additionally, exposure to any mold on a regular basis can cause long term allergies, that may never go away even after you’ve cleaned the ducts. Children are especially prone to these kinds of allergies as well. Every time your furnace fan or air conditioner comes on, your whole house is being sprayed with mold spores, which can then spread as well.

Visible Signs Of Pet Dander, Hair And Dust Clogs Should Scare You

If some of your vents, either intake or otherwise are clogged with pet hair, you are way past time to get them cleaned. The dander from pets can contain and support dust mites, small arachnids that thrive on dust and organic matter from pets. A large portion of the population is allergic to dust mites, they’re a strong irritant and will eventually begin to smell like a rotten dog living in your ducts.

Any New Construction Work Can Leave Piles Of Sawdust In The Ducts

Sawdust will fall into your ducts without any help from you, especially if a contractor has been using a circular saw, table saw or drill in your home. Then when the air is filled with sawdust and your furnace kicks in, you’ll get a good layer throughout your ducts. It can become an allergen, but also adds to the organic matter that helps mold, mildew, bacteria and dust mites survive.

If Some One In The Family Is Sneezing Like Springtime, But In The Winter

If one or more family members have been sneezing, coughing, experiencing watery eyes, but mostly at home, then that’s a good indication you have dirty ducts. Asthma attacks can also be aggravated by circulating dust, even if it’s not the primary cause of the asthma.

Having Dirty HVAC Systems Cause Higher Fuel Bills

Clogged air filters, intake vents and blower vents restrict airflow which make fuel bills rise rapidly. The extra dust can also settle on the blower fan and reduce its efficiency as well. When the servicemen clean your ducts they will inspect and clean all of the vents, filters, fan blades and even the fan belt to make sure everything is running smoothly, saving you money over the long haul.

The Truck Mounted Power Vacuum Is The Superior Service

There are duct cleaning services and then there are whole house dust extraction services for your air ducts. The standard, light duty, cleaning service is similar to a shop vacuum that is used to clean all the vents, and then as far into the ducts as they can see. While they are quite thorough in removing visible dirt and dust, they’re going to miss much of it.

The better service is going to be the large, truck mounted dust extraction service, that uses a huge 8″-12″ diameter vacuum hose to suck the ducts clean under high power. They will also use smaller vacuums to clean your blower fan blades and wipe down all of your vents, but the truck mounted equipment is the top of the line, and does the complete job. They will also use high pressure air hoses to loosen stuck on debris and drive it to the giant extractor. If they’re going to do a complete job, all the vents, ducts, blowers, intakes and filters will look nearly spotless when they’re done..

Having your ducts cleaned on a regular basis is the best plan if your family has a history of allergies, or doesn’t want a history of allergies. If you live on a busy or dirty road, or have pets, you should consider at least a once per year cleaning, more if you’re experiencing problems such as allergies.